Secure Endpoint

The End Point is Often The Weakest Link!

We believe the end point is the new network perimeter because in reality the vast majority of security breaches occur via an infected workstation connected to the LAN. Secure Endpoint is a tailored service that focuses on doing the basics well. It ensures each end point is healthy, patched and has adequate security monitoring so that breaches and be identified early.

Flexible End Point Protection

Multi-Layer Malware Protection

Files pass through several layers of inspection and testing to identify malware including known pattern matching, emulation and behaviour testing

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Patch Management

99% of breaches exploit known vulnerabilities which is why patch management is vital to preventing a breach. Our automated operating system and middleware patch management minimises exposure.

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Managed Encryption

Hard Disk Encryption Key Management is Difficult to Centralise. ISP Disk Management simplifies this and facilitates the remote removal of keys in the event that a disk or computer gets stolen.

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Cloud Archive

Protect yourself from data loss with regularly scheduled automatic backups to the Cloud. Regular backups of all your files means that should the unthinkable happen your data is secure and retrievable.

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Enterprise Single Sign On

81% of Breaches leverage stolen and/or weak passwords - ESSO enforces complex passwords whilst enabling users to work more quickly

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Remote Support

Comprehensive Remote Support Tools delivered through our ITIL-based service desk.

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Security Operations Centre

InfoSecurity People™ can provide affordable, 24 X 7 best practices monitoring via a purpose built security operations centre based in Leeds. Built with leading technologies and tools and operated by trained It security experts the Secure Endpoint service can be tailored to monitor all your IT assets, including systems, software, devices and virtual resources.  When there is a problem, we can accurately diagnose and resolve most issues remotely via our remote remediation service, saving you valuable downtime.

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Bespoke Service Options

InfoSecurity People™ delivers best practices monitoring and management of all your IT assets with the use of hundreds of Policy Modules.  Policy Modules are sets of monitoring and alerting rules, developed in partnership with leading vendors like Microsoft, Intel, Cisco, Symantec and others. Policy Modules help ensure that everything in your IT environment is being effectively monitored and alerted on, and puts performance-related data at our fingertips.  Detailed, accurate data also helps expedite diagnostics and resolution when IT issues do occur.

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Open Architecture

Because the managed services platform we use has an open architecture, any customer environment, no matter how diverse, can be easily integrated. Any changes, such as the addition or removal of systems, devices and software are detected automatically and accommodated smoothly.

Deployment of the Onsite Manager and Device Manager software is as simple as a few clicks, and has no impact on your systems or operations.

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Secure Communications

All communications between Onsite Manager, Device Manager, and our Leeds based Security Operation centre employ a proprietary communications scheme that is compressed, SSL-encrypted and protected by a secret key that only the deployed Onsite Manager, Device Managers and Service Centre know. Even users of Managed Workplace do not know what this key as it is generated and stored internally to the Managed Workplace application.

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