Managed Encryption

70% of Laptop Theft Involves a Former Employee or Contractor

As Data Protection Laws tighten up across Europe, the security of data at rest on Laptop Computers is becoming an essential part of any security strategy.

InfoSecurity People's Managed Encryption facilitates the remote deployment and management of Windows Bitlocker and Mac OS X Filevault. Stay compliant with data privacy standards using industry-standard OS-native encryption.

Encrypt Your Most Valuable Asset - Your Data

Fast, OS-native Encryption

More and more IT professionals are choosing to deploy the FDE capabilities built into their operating systems. Windows Bitlocker and Mac FileVault offer excellent performance and compatibility with the widest range of hardware, plus a great integrated user experience.  Using Managed Encryption lets you leverage these OS-native advantages for a more successful FDE program.

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Superior User Experience

Disk encryption can be a disruptive and confusing process for end users but not with Managed Encryption.  A client-side wizard guides users through the FDE process - from announcing your FDE program, to giving users the option to 'snooze' initial encryption until a convenient time, to setting up passwords. Managed Encryption provides users with a better experience and reduces calls to the help desk.

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Supports Compliance

To comply with data protection regulations such as HIPAA, PCI DSS, and SOX, organizations must prove that data on compromised assets is encrypted. Managed Encryption provides the audit records and reports you need to establish compliance.

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Policy-Based Management

Mass-deploy FDE using asset groups and policies. Delegate authority over groups of assets with administrator roles. Enforce PIN and password complexity requirements with policy-based settings.

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Go One Step Further

Managed Encryption not only manages encryption but also allows you to locate devices and remotely prevent access to sensitive information.  At the heart of the platform is a set of features that enable remote encryption and boot sector locking. RemoteKill also supports asset curfews, which enable an agent to self-activate if the laptop has been offline too long as well as a system for alerting admins if usage patterns indicate that a laptop might be at risk.

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