Managed Firewall and Intrusion Detection

Continuous inspection for advanced threats, botnets, zero days and targeted attacks on the network

Next Generation Firewalls and Intrusion Prevention Systems (IPS) can protect against today’s most sophisticated threats, but the technology alone isn’t enough – it must be tuned to your business environment and then closely monitored – only then does it become an effective technology. InfoSecurity People’s Managed Firewall and Intrusion Prevention Service is designed to meet this challenge.

Each managed sensor is expertly configured and monitored so that it is always on and gathering relevant and actionable data.

And with flexible licencing options to enable you to scale your security based upon the current threat landscape there’s scope for your security costs to flex accordingly.

InfoSecurity People are an approved supplier for Digital Enterprise and can therefore often entirely fund your first year free of charge; thereby not only reducing financial risk but also dramatically improving your perimeter security.

Reduce Risk

Expert Firewall and IDS/IPS configuration,
management and monitoring with immediate
response to any issues lowers the risk of business

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Tailored IDS/IPS

Policy tuning: Match
policies to your organisational needs to maximise
both the defence and performance of your
corporate network traffic

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Clear & Concise

Cut through the
noise of IPS/IDS management to identify relevant
threats and focus resources in the right areas

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