Penetration Testing

How Do You Know You Are Secure?

The short answer is you don’t unless you conduct regular security tests to identify where your network is vulnerable.

InfoSecurity People, in partnership with its sister company Pentest People can thoroughly test your network to identify unknown threats that could be used to compromise the security posture of your digital assets.

A consultant led Infrastructure Penetration Test provides a thorough and independent examination of your corporate infrastructure and systems to identify software and configuration based security vulnerabilities.

There are two components to Infrastructure Penetration Tests and these are Internal and External assessments. It is commonplace to combine these into a single test that covers both the internal and external components of the network.


SecurePortal is a key component of the penetration testing service and provides customers of Pentest People with a live platform of engagement and also managing the current security posture of your organisation based on the information gathered from our penetration testing services.

Key Benefits:

  • Eases the administrative burden of planning a Penetration Testing engagement
  • Provides digital access to your report
  • Tracks the state of your vulnerabilities automatically
  • Alerts you when new threats are relevant
  • Provides a simple way to filter your report data

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Internal Penetration

An Internal Penetration Test is performed by a Pentest People security consultant onsite within your corporate network. This type of assessment looks for security issues and vulnerabilities on the inside of your corporate network with the same physical access as a member of staff or other type of employee who has access to the building.

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Web Application Testing

Our Web Application Security Testing service that can be used to identify vulnerabilities that exist on your web applications. Pentest People have a wealth of knowledge in the area of Web Application Security Testing and their testers have created and contributed to many open source web application security projects.

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External Penetration Testing

An External Penetration Test is performed by a Pentest People security consultant whilst remote from your corporate network. This type of assessment is concerned with assessing the external, Internet-facing infrastructure of your corporate network. The level of access to these resources would be the same as an external hacker trying to break into your corporate environment.

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