Secure Laptop

The next time a laptop or phone is stolen or lost you will be in control

The most common regulatory risk to your business is remote workers and mobile devices. Laptops and phones are lost and stolen on a daily basis and even though through our secure policy and design we try and prevent data leakage onto them we know that it does. A stolen laptop or mobile phone has huge legal implications with the GDPR so take control and eliminate the risk.

Our solution not only forces the encryption of your data but also allows us to track the device and remotely delete or secure the contents should it fall in to the wrong hands.

We also help with asset management providing you with easy to read asset reporting.

Peace of Mind

InfoSecurity People’s SecureLaptop service protects your data and device by encrypting the hard disk and by forcing the remote machine to always connect to the internet securely via an encrypted tunnel.  There is need to configure a VPN the service does this automatically.

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How does it Work?

Security underpins the build and we baseline the laptop when we deploy it for it's security controls, user access model and patch status.  Our software monitors the device continually for any deviation from that baseline so that should the unexpected happen, we're able to quickly detect, remediate and return the laptop to a secure state.

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Key Benefits

Secure by Design SecureLaptop
Proactively Patches your remote devices so you don't have to. It comes with a default secure vpn that forces encrypted connectivity at all times and as a fail safe all disks are encrypted. As a last line of defence any lost device supports remote lock and wipe.

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