Asset Discovery Audit

Discover What's On Your Network...

...And Find The Needle In The Haystack!

Most organisations keep accurate logs of what they install in to their networks but few actively monitor for new devices. ISP's Asset Discovery Service installs in minutes and starts proactively reporting what devices are attached to the network.

Installs in Minutes

Installation of the appliance or virtual machine takes minutes and quickly starts discovering devices and delivering detailed hardware and software itineraries.  Scan frequencies are tailored to fit your requirements and can be limited to discovery only, partial or full audit. Continuous asset discovery quickly identifies devices along with high level identifiable information and alerts you to their connection.

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Accurate Software Asset Inventory

Want to know what different builds of Windows 10 are installed and what patches are missing?

...or how many versions of Java exist in your infrastructure?  Organisations often focus on patching the operating system only and fail to remediate the next largest threat vector - Middleware.

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Identify Network Performance Issues

By scanning your network to gather information about your devices, we're able to identify the device, operating system, running services and quite often the software vendor and version without running a more invasive scan.  Quite often this information can be used to identify misconfiguration and performance issues helping you to improve network performance.

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