Enterprise Single Sign On

Make secure access to all services simple, across all your compatible devices.

The unstoppable trend towards BYOD, SaaS apps and “shadow IT” is driving password sharing and reuse. The inevitable result is greater exposure to attacks, lower productivity and higher support cost. These forces demand IT finds smarter ways to control access to critical business applications and data.

Enterprise Single Sign On (ESSO) is the answer. By eliminating the complications of multiple passwords this simple but powerful service makes accessing and managing SaaS and mobile applications secure and efficient for everyone.


Enterprise Single Sign On users don’t have to remember multiple passwords across applications. Instead, a single password provides access to all the apps employees use whether they are on their desktop, laptop or mobile device. Eliminate the hassle of getting lost in a sea of passwords and never-ending helpdesk tickets for password resets.


Enterprise Single Sign On unifies identity management, mobile device management and mobile application management and centralises IT control of cloud and mobile applications on all devices. With a fully multi-tenant architecture Enterprise Single Sign On allows service providers to efficiently manage multiple customers from a single cloud console. Enterprise Single Sign On is a cross-platform service that supports all your compatible devices in one place, supporting all OS: Windows®, Mac®, iOS and Android™.


Enterprise Single Sign On offers additional security with multifactor authentication to ensure a secure log on from anywhere, and on any device. Eliminate the risk of easy-toremember, reused and/or improperly managed passwords, reducing the risk of data breach. In addition, with integrated mobile device and application management, you can easily protect business data on mobile devices.


End-users will be more productive when they can use the devices of their choice for work, and when they don’t need to spend time tracking down and resetting passwords. In addition, since Enterprise Single Sign On frees up valuable IT resources, thanks to fewer forgotten password calls, IT gains productivity as well. With Active Directory integration, user management becomes effortless for IT service providers. In this way, SSO greatly increases productivity for both end-users and IT service providers.