Robust Patch Management

A Critical Component in Maintaining System Integrity

Patch Management combines the information, the flexibility, and the automation you need to stay in control and to ensure the systems integrity of customer networks.

99% of Breaches Exploit Known Vulnerabilities

Network environments are dynamic, constantly changing, and systems integrity is not a static state.

Customer networks feature different versions of operating systems, different languages, different patch levels, different applications and may operate over different time zones, not to mention the ever-changing threat landscape.

Staying on top of the acquisition, testing, approval and application of patches is a daunting challenge.

When it comes to vulnerabilities in customer networks, it is no longer a question of if they will be exploited but when.

A Patch Management strategy informed through data, governed by a robust process, supported by automation gives you back the control you need to ensure the systems integrity of customer networks.

Benefits Automation offers:

  • Patch Monitoring – dashboards and reports keep you informed with real-time data
  • Management – manage vulnerabilities through timely application of patches to Operating Systems and applications
  • Setup Wizard – setup patch management with best practices quickly
  • Demonstrable compliance – reporting and dashboards for audit purposes
  • Automation – automated approvals lower the risk of vulnerabilities
  • Maximized uptime – schedule patches for fastest install and lowest interruption

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