Vulnerability Scanning as a Service

We work with you to drive your remediation program

The challenge most teams face when running an effective vulnerability scanning program is time and resource. Actually running the scan is relatively easy but finding the time to interpret the results is where most organisations fail. InfoSecurity Peoples managed Vulnerability assessment service is designed to address this issue. Our vulnerability scanning service is fully managed by a trained consultant who will work with you to understand what is important.

Performance Scoring

Using a proven industry scoring method a score will be created for each scan. This allows you to measure how effective your are over time. Management love this as it creates an easy to understand Return on investment.

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Telephone De-brief

To ensure that the action plan is understood, InfoSecurity People will schedule a thirty (30) minute call at your convenience with a trained security consultant. This is punchy, no jargon based call to focus on the most critical tasks first. We find this simple exercise really helps to drive your remediation program.

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Summary Action Plan

Following each assessment an consultant will analyse the scan results and create a prioritised action plan. The action plan is a condensed document that is designed to pin point the vulnerabilities that need your attention now.

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