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If you aren’t using our new cyber security solution then your business isn’t safe

Is Your Business Safe from Cyber Attacks?

Do you think your business is too small to be targeted for cyber attacks? Think again. It’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when.

Employee and customer data, bank account and credit card information, intellectual property and trade secrets: These are just a few of the assets that most every business possesses — and that hackers find valuable. Without the right security measures in place, there is high risk that these assets will fall into the wrong hands.

Keep Your Data and Your Business Safe with InfoSecurity People

We can dramatically reduce your chance of suffering a severe breach while at the same time meeting your regulatory audit and reporting requirements.

Our solution provides advanced threat intelligence and the same level of security as the largest companies in the world, all at a low monthly cost. Your data is protected in real-time and meets your regulatory audit and reporting requirements. This includes providing specific compliance reports you’ll need to pass, ISO27001, PCI, GPG13 and other audits.

Enterprise Class Security and Compliance from Day One

From day one you will receive a robust security and compliance platform that will keep your data and business safe. We don’t just respond to security events, but continuously correlate your system data looking for increasing levels of risk based on user activity to proactively stop breaches before they can occur.

We provide 24/7 monitoring performed by security experts at the Security Operation Center (SOC) to ensure your business is never vulnerable to attacks. We actively monitor the thousands of bad websites, email scams and ransomware to ensure your employees are protected too. We also include our watchlist and Proofpoint commercial intelligence for highly accurate identification of known threats.

The only robust security and compliance solution that will:

  • Protect your data and your business
  • Minimise risk of breach
  • Respond to threats faster
  • Achieve compliance and avoid cost of failed audit
  • Reduce cost and time to repair
  • Dramatically cut costs

All for one low monthly cost and no long-term commitment.

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