The Challenge Facing You…

The Endpoint is the New Perimeter

As compute shifts to the cloud, traditional network and datacenter centric security models are failing. The endpoint is the new perimeter and the focus for bad actors and malware.

Effective archive, patch management, multi-layered anti-malware and proactive user awareness programmes all play a part in reducing the mean time to detection and remediation.

Cloud Archive

Protect yourself from data loss with regularly scheduled automatic backups to the Cloud. Regular backups of all your files means that should the unthinkable happen your data is secure and retrievable.

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Patch Management

99% of breaches exploit known vulnerabilities which is why patch management is vital to preventing a breach. Our automated operating system and middleware patch management minimises exposure.

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Multilayer Malware Protection

Files pass through several layers of inspection and testing to identify malware including known pattern matching, emulation and behaviour testing

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User Awareness

4/10 SMB employees are almost 4 times more likely to click on malicious links within an email and therefore effective user awareness training is essential in combatting malware at the endpoint.

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