Perimeter and Network Security

Enable Your Users

Secure your perimeter, protect your data and enable your users to work remotely.

Perimeter Security

Perimeter Security is a vital component in delivering a secure posture.  In a world where we need to expect the unexpected, the ability to monitor traffic entering and leaving your organisation is a critical component.  Unified Threat Management secures the perimeter and polices all internet related traffic.

Traditionally this involved restricting traffic so that only approved information could enter and leave the organisation.  However as the internet has evolved, modern firewalls need to be application aware in order to defend the perimeter.  InfoSecurity People focus on securing the perimeter and ensuring that the security posture remains assured.  As organisations migrate compute to the cloud, the IT security strategy needs rethinking to secure information and ensure that data is secured both in transit and at rest both in the data centre and on hosted cloud services.

Partnering with market leading solutions from Cisco and Fortinet, InfoSecurity People focus on delivering application and cloud aware architecture as part of our cloud first strategy that enables and doesn’t hinder your security posture.

The Wireless Revolution

Increasingly, wireless is dominating the workplace as users crave mobility both in and out of the workplace.  Next Generation Wireless is much more than a wifi network – it’s about quality of service, coverage, availability and most importantly security.  InfoSecurity People’s cloud and on-premise managed services ensure availability and uptime enabling your users to focus on delivering excellence in your services.

Visitor and corporate WiFi carry the same importance in many organisations but segregation is imperative to the security strategy which is why properly architected WiFi is key to delivering and enabling visitors and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) and Corporately Owned Employee Devices (COED) policies.

Remote Working and SSL

Users have mobilised and cloud computing may be a reality but there will always be data assets that you would rather secure within your own servers.  InfoSecurity People’s mobility solutions help you enable users to access that information remotely and securely.  By providing secured and encrypted remote access, we ensure that a clear audit trail exists for who accessed what when and by providing visibility, we enable your users to work remotely.