Privileged Identity Management

Rethink Security

For Years, we've relied on a well-defined boundary to protect our assets


81% of Breaches leverage stolen and/or weak passwords...

RETHINK and challenge the perimeter-based approach

Cyber criminals are breaching systems with direct access via a compromised credential — the password. The perimeter-based approach focuses on protecting endpoints, firewalls and networks, and completely ignores the vulnerability of identities and passwords.

REDEFINE security to follow identity

The hybrid enterprise is boundaryless with millions of scattered connections that live in and out of your enterprise. Protect identities as they access applications, devices, and infrastructure — both on-premises and in the cloud.

ADAPT as the boundaryless landscape evolves

Cyberthreats are constantly getting more targeted and sophisticated, and static security methods of the past simply can’t keep up. Next dimension security expands as your enterprise continues to incorporate cloud, mobile, IoT, and other technologies — a seamless defense effortlessly following users as they work across applications, tools, and environments.

STOP the breach with the power of identity services

Centrify automatically provisions user accounts, seamlessly manages and authorises access with context-aware controls, and records activity. Centrify Identify Services protects access to applications and infrastructure for all users, from any device, anywhere.

Mitigate The Risk