Managed Vulnerability Scanning

A Cost Effective Way To Test The Security Posture Of Your Digital Assets

Automated vulnerability scanning plugs the gap between your annual penetration test. It is not as thorough as a manual test but it will identify new threats and fundamentally help you to reduce risk. 

The challenge as always is time and resource. Running the scan is relatively easy but finding the time to interpret the results is where most organisations fail.

InfoSecurity Peoples managed Vulnerability assessment service is designed to address this issue. Our vulnerability scanning service is fully managed by a trained consultant who will work with you to understand what is important.

Key Benefits:

  • Fully managed so no impact on your resources
  • In-depth vulnerability reporting
  • Telephone debrief following each scan, delivered by a trained consultant
  • Summary Action Plan
  • Continuous score to demonstrate progress to the business
  • Cost effective

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